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Image of Bridge over a River:  finding the right connection between me and services is important.
Image of a Fern Plant.  Continuum Psychology is focused on the right conditions for growth to occur.


Continuum Psychology is a coaching and mentoring service for anyone who works with children and young adults and their systems of support.  

Apart from parents, carers and teachers, clients have included educational authorities, allied health professionals, leadership teams and individuals (e.g. school principals), and non-government organisations responsible for the health and well-being of children and young people.

If you are involved with supporting and guiding children or young adults in any way, Continuum Psychology is well-equipped to listen, respond and interact with you effectively around emerging needs.

Continuum Psychology offers  all sessions on-line.  This creates a unique opportunity to access high quality training/mentoring flexibly and confidentially, according to your needs, no matter where you are located.


Dr. Julie Hollitt

Dr. Julie Hollitt is a psychologist, academic, author , trainer, mentor and coach.  Her entire career has been spent working in, or consulting with, the education sector including all levels of formal schooling and post-school education.  She  has been involved in private practice and consulting work in educational and developmental psychology for over 25 years.   Relationships, behaviour and well-being   are areas of particular interest and expertise that  are frequently called upon  in her consultation work with professionals involved in working with children, young adults and their supportive systems.


For those interested in developing themselves as warm, professional practitioners, or human beings living a full life, Julie is generous with sharing her knowledge and experiences so that you can build upon your own wisdom to address issues as they arise.  Julie is creative and curious and the way she shares her approach will enable you to learn these invaluable skills so that you can meet any challenges with confidence.

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Everything You Need

Team Meeting:  Collaborative development of skills around clients is important to us too.

Training & Professional Development

Based on research and experience

Image of a Jetty in Fog:  Finding our way as professionals in uncertainty is vital adult learning.

Mentoring & Master Classes

Educational delivery founded on adult learning approaches 

Image of Two Sets of Footprints in Sand:  Skill building delivered supportively and developmentally.

Professional Supervision & Skill Building

Individual debriefing and skill-building sessions for educational, allied health & child-protection staff


PO Box 1164
Ulladulla NSW 2539

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