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Kids say 'No!'...and it's a good thing.

It can be really unnerving when working with kids in our care and they quite simply refuse a request, a direction, a statement. There are always many ways to look at any challenge, and a kid pushing back with a definite 'No!' is an educable moment both for the adult and the child or young adult. Our capacity to refuse and say 'No!' is never more important than it is now. In relation to individuals and communities, being able to refuse is as much about saying 'Yes!' as it is about saying 'No!'. It can be a creative, productive and developmental stepping stone and the adults and carers in the lives of children and young people can help kids use refusal as a creative move on the way to becoming an adult. If you know parents or carers who may be interested in exploring this notion further, please forward this link so they can check out Upcoming Events, including September 15, 2020, 'When Kids Say 'No!' (an online event for parents and carers).

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