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Young carers...we all know at least one

Did you know that in a 2019 German study it was discovered that approximately 6% of the school-aged population of children and young adults were caring for an adult at home with illness or impairment? 64% of these young carers were girls. It is a topic that is somewhat invisible in schools and the counselling room...that is, unless we really know our kids and their specific situation and context. In a school as small as 33 learners, you can expect that 2 of the learners are carers in one form or another. Do you know who these young carers are in your school? Who are they in your practice (remembering in the practice of counselling / psychology with children, we mostly deal with what are presented as 'behaviour' concerns). Spare a thought...a young person who is having behavioural difficulties may be an invisible 'young carer'.

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